Board of Higher Secondary Education Delhi

My Dear Students, Faculty members and staff,

Students parents and all. I want to inform you that board of higher secondary education delhi is an BOARD OF HIGHER SECONDARY EDUCATION DELHI CHERITRABLE TRUST and the board along with planning commission govt. of india promoting education. Board of higher secondary education delhi established under the S.R. Act. And Indian public trust.

The examination conducted by board is fully valid by H.R.D. Govt. of india. For higher studies and government jobs. In this the board examination's are completely valid under U.P. intermediate Education act-1921 chapter-14 Regulation 2(40).

So, you after passing the board of higher education delhi examination can go to higher studies and government jobs.

I pray for your bright future.

Thanking You
Your's Chairman

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सावधान: बोर्ड ऑफ हायर सेकेण्डरी एजूकेशन दिल्ली – की वेबसाइट सिर्फ मारी कोई अन्य वेबसाइट नहीं है. हमारे संस्था के नाम से कुछ वेबसाइट चल रही है जो लोगो को गुमराह कर रही है. कृपया आप से अनुरोध है की, आप किसी के बहकावे में न आए ... धन्यवाद! (सरकारी मान्यता प्राप्त)
* Recognize by Education Department Govt. of India Resolution NO.F.115-R .28, dated 1 July 1929 regarding and No. F. 55-21/61-SE 2(B) dated 27th February, 1962.
* The Gazzette notification Govt. of India Education Department No. F.55-21/61-SE.2 (B). New Delhi, 27th Feb. 1962.

* Circulate by - Directorate of Higher Education Gov. NCT of Delhi Letter No. 6(65)2014-15/complaint/pt.file/3494-98 Dated 24/08/2015

* No. F.59-78/49-D.3, Government of India, Ministry of Education, Dt. 10-12-1949. Recognisition of the previous examination equivalent to the Higher Secondary Examination of The BHSE Board of Higher Secondary Education, Delhi studies at the University.